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We are always up to becoming aware of different causes, organizations, and charitable events. Please email us with a cause near and dear to you and you might see it featured at one of our upcoming performances!.

The Stage Door is the link from the typical name for the doorway that links the performers to the community. Those involved with a theater company use that door to either enter the back stage area of the theater or to exit through it on their way back into the real world. The Stage Door Project aims to do just that - link our theater with the reality of the world outside of it. We use our performances to promote awareness to causes to large audiences and we use our power in numbers to contribute to volunteering for, raising money for, and understanding what these causes stand for and how others can help them.

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We welcome volunteers for every performance to run our organization's table, organize the raffles, and promote our causes before and during show time.




The Stage Door Project

We are the community outreach branch of the academy players of rhode island. Not only are we a theater company, but we are an organization that makes it a priority to support, fund-raise, connect with, and raise awareness for local causes and charities throughout new england. we have an ongoing partnership with adoption ri and have worked with and contributed to countless causes and organizations throughout the last few years. By being in support of our theater, you are also helping to support many local causes change lives and change the world.

The Stage Door Project